Girl From The Moon is Ashley Creighton from Phoenix, Arizona.

A multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter/producer, Ashley established her musical footing early on. By first grade, she'd written her first song; by sixth, she'd attained fluency on six different instruments. In middle school, she discovered a gateway to the art of production using her family's double-cassette karaoke machine to craft fully-arranged multi-track recordings.

Having previously written albums from a more traditional singer/songwriter standpoint, Ashley had long harbored the desire to shift course and explore her first musical love: nostalgic, textured synth pop. This new sonic expedition would come to be distinguished as Girl From The Moon, and Space + Skin + Time –- her debut album as such –- makes an impressive opening statement.

Produced and recorded by Creighton with Charles Barth and George White (Saddles) and mixed by Bryan Hanna (Tropical Depression, Verskotzi), Space + Skin + Time was tracked mostly in Ashley's own home studio and examines themes of intimacy and isolation. The music itself evokes (unironically) many mainstream pop artifacts from her youth, while simultaneously experimenting with devices that feel like a newer frontier. This sets a dreamy backdrop for Ashley's vocals, which sound distinct amidst the indie-songstress trend characterized by silky-soft, quaintly dulcet deliveries. Her voice is vulnerably direct (even on the dancier tracks), uniquely emoting the human condition with a purity that could only come from an unguarded heart.